2018 특허청 Design to Business Design fair Summer School
2018 신상품개발 디자인지원사업부산디자인센터_(주)건강한친구
          스마트 밸런스&점프 보드 개발
2017 The Korean Intellectual Property Office, Design to Business(D2B) fair  Bronze prize.
2017 Korean society for Color&Form Participating designer.
2017 K-Design Award Product Design Bronze prize.
2017 K-Design Award Product Design winner prize.

2017 중소기업청 제품공정개선기술개발사업_아이큐브
          관광기념품 구매증대와 수출시장 확보를 위한  디퓨저 제품 개선
          To increase the purchase of souvenirs and to secure the export market 
          Diffuser product improvement
2017 울산지식재산센터_디자인개발사업_특허&디자인융합지원사업_(주)삼화테크
          [울산] 특허&디자인융합지원사업_IoT 융합 스마트 엣지형 LED 조명등 : 원터치 부품교확식
          Patent & Design Convergence Support Project_IoT fusion smart edge type LED
          light fixture _ One touch part exchanges type
2017 경남지식재산센터_디자인개발사업_특허&디자인융합지원사업_(주)에코맘의산골이유식
          [경남] 특허&디자인융합지원사업_기능성 유동식 섭취기구 개발
          Patent & Design Convergence Support Project_Development of Functional Fluid Input Apparatus Patent & Design
2017 R&D 산업통상자원부 산업기술혁신사업_디자인혁신역량강화사업_(주)일산전자
          실버세대 인지능력 향상을 위한 음악회상기법 기반의 고령친화용품 디자인 및 개발

          Design and Development of senior products based on music recall technique for
          improve the conitive abilities of the silver generation.
2017 R&D 산업통상자원부 지역주력산업육성 기술개발 사업 디자이너_(주)이지지오
          두뇌활성화를 위한 기능성 스마트폰 실버게임 콘텐츠 개발

          Development of functional silver game contents for brain activation.
2016 R&D 산업통상자원부 산업기술혁신사업_디자인혁신역량강화사업_아이큐브
          엔지니어링 기술기반의 하이브리드 디자인 시스템을 적용한차세대 베이비 케어제품 개발

          Development of Engineering technology-based hybrid design Processand
          next-generation baby care products.  
2016 IQV Design Specialty Company R&D Team Designer. (2016.10~)
2016 (주)이너스코리아 INNUS KOREA Summer Work Experience (2016.8)
2016 TU-Global Frontier : United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, C. (2016.7~8)
2016 Social and economic fair Participation Corp. Antlers
2016 R&D 산업통상자원부 산업기술혁신사업_디자인혁신역량강화사업 디자이너
          유모차나 휠체어 등 무동력 이동장치 후륜 결합용 전동 탑승기기 개발_(주)한스ENG

          Development of electric boarding device for rear wheel connection of
          non-powered  portable devices, such as stroller or wheelchair.

2016 (주)디자인토크 Winter Work Experience (2016.1)
2015 TU-Global Marketer : Yiwu, China. (2015.10~11)
2015 (주)세기비즈 Summer Work Experience (2015.8)
2015 Youth Social idea Award participation prize.
2015 Busan Start-up Tanker winner prize.
2015 - 2017 Antlers Corp. CEO. (2015.1~2017.4)
2015 Fukuoka University in Japan Initial training Participation prize.
2015 KOREA social enterprises, Selection of projects 5th in Busan.
2015 Tong-Myong Univ, Foundation Club : Product Design Dept. Leader.
2015 Korea Social Enterprise Promotion  be selected 5th.
2015 Busan Contents universiade Design Participation prize.